Milling Machining

Posalux mass production solution dedicated to milling process for material hardness up to 67 HRC / 900 HV.


Micro Machining

  • 5 axis machine for drilling and milling process
    Axis strokes:
         Axis X          300 mm
         Axis Y          300 mm
         Axis Z          70 mm
         Axis B           0..90°
         Axis C           0..360°

  • Milling Ø 0.1-2 mm (typical for stephole 0.3-0.9 mm)

  • High positioning accuracy
        Accuracy for milling X/Y/Z        +/- 20 μm
        Accuracy for drilling X/Y/Z        +/- 10 μm

  • High productivity: < 0.8 s
    Cycle time per workpiece (8 holes) < 13 s
    (e.g. for Step holes milling in 1.4112 , 60 HRC, Diam 500 μm, Thickness 0.3 mm)


Advantages of Posalux Milling machining

  • Blind hole with flat bottom und controlled radius
  • Reduced cycle time compared to other processes



  • Automotive for GDI application
  • Automotive for Diesel injection
  • Watchmaking industry (brass, stainless steel)
  • Medical industry (peek, stainless steel, titanium)


Milling spindle

  • Air bearing spindle
  • Rotation up to 60'000 rpm (optional 100’000 rpm)
  • Increased tool life (up to 5'000 holes)
  • Oil free and grease free operations
  • Tool holder HSK E25 balance quality G0.1


Specific devices and solutions

  • Automatic loading/unloading specific solutions
  • Tools holder with 12 tools
  • Tool break control
  • Tool Ø and length control
  • Cooling by cold air nozzle
  • Optionnal lubrication by microjet (mixture air-oil)
  • Deburring station integrated


Quality and expertise

  • Surface Texture measurements
  • Optical measurement to control hole diameter, shape and position
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

When you buy a Posalux product, you acquire a complete customized solution based on our expertise and know-how.