PCB Micro Drilling and Routing

High-tech 2D micro machining solutions for printed circuit boards and non-ferrous materials like aluminum, brass and plastics


  • X, Y and Z axes with linear motor drives
  • Software based on QNX, entirely developed by Posalux
  • Latest technology used for the digital servo drives permits rigid axes control
  • Spindle speed range from 5’000 up to 300’000 rpm
  • Contact drill: optimization of the Z-stroke, blind-hole drilling and instantaneous detection of tool breakage
  • Interchangeable pressure foot with 3 positions (IPF3) adapted to drilling
  • CCD Camera – Measuring of targets and calculation of correction factors
  • Tool management system with cassette, Posalux patented tool chain or Asian Tool Change (ATC)
  • DUAL technology – Two independent X-axes drilling/routing on the same station
  • Automation – Individual loader (IL) with 9 or 18 levels


Powerful drilling and routing functions

  • Through-hole, quick drill, blind hole and back drilling
  • Surface referenced routing (contact - floating)
  • Bottom of panel referenced routing (Mapping)
  • Pin-less and reverse rotation routing
  • Vacuum table for increased quality / part handling
  • Polish function for perfect copper uncovering