High-Tech Micro Drilling and Routing

Posalux is a leader in industrialization of micro technologies for mass production.

Through constant technological advancements, the Ultraspeed machine is capable of answering the ever increasing requirements in the most diverse and advanced application areas.



  • Machining of non-ferrous metals and materials like:
       Aluminium, Brass, polymers
  • Machining of ferrous metals like:
       Titanium, stainless steel
  • Medical industry
  • Aerospace industry


Combi technology - Productivity increase

  • High productivity up to 484 holes/min (e.g. in Brass, diameter 500μm, depth 1200μm)
  • Routing and drilling process
  • Palletization of template up to 252 plates per loading or 2 sheets plate 560x350 mm
  • Workpiece format Area 710x560 mm
  • High speed air bearing spindle up to 200’000 rpm (vibration reduction)
  • High speed ball bearing spindle up to 60’000 rpm (high stiffness for routing)
  • Cooling process:
        by cold air nozzler
        or lubrication by microjet (mixture air-oil)


Machine characteristics

  • X, Y and Z axes with linear motor drives
  • Tool management system with cassette, Posalux patented tool chain
  • Software based on QNX, entirely developed by Posalux
  • Spindle speed range from 5 000 up to 200 000 rpm
  • Axes acceleration up to 4g
  • Controlled depth routing and drilling
  • Powerful routing functions
  • Automation up to 8 levels for palletization


Quality and expertise

  • Optical measurement to control hole diameter and position
  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
  • Roughness measurements

When you buy a Posalux product, you acquire a complete customized solution based on our expertise and know-how.