The Posalux Company

The Posalux Company Headquarter in Biel/Bienne - Switzerland


Posalux is a privately owned company, concentrated on the development and industrialization of high-technological machines which are dedicated for mass production.


We are based in Switzerland, in the neighborhood of famous watch companies.


Micromechanics is our passion, combined with accuracy and Swiss reliability.


We operate worldwide since more than half a century, sales and after-sales support guaranteed.


Innovation is what we have been doing from the moment the company was founded and is part of our genetics.


We have a wide network to specialists and universities to bring new ideas into the market.


There are 150 highly motivated employees in Switzerland, originally from more than 8 different nationalities and speaking more than 10 different languages.


We are your experts for micro-technologies and have more than 40 years of experience in nozzle and PCB micro drilling.


Download the Certificate ISO 9001 (pdf)
Download the Certificate IQ 9001 (pdf)