LASER Ultra short pulses FEMTO Machining

Posalux mass production solution integrates the LASER Ultra short pulses FEMTO technology for automotive GDI nozzles microdrilling applications.


Micro Machining:

  • Hole diameter down to 30 μm
  • Wall thickness / hole diameter ratio up to 10
  • High positioning accuracy
  • Excellent flow stability in +/- 1%
  • Excellent surface roughness down to 50 Nanometer (like polishing)
  • Tapered holes +20° / -15° (reverse)
  • Flexibility in circular hope shapes machining (ellipses, squares etc.)
  • High productivity: less than 1,4 s / hole
  • 6 holes application diameter 180 μm, thickness 300 μm:
    Workpiece cycle time: 12 s ( TWIN configuration )


Advantages of FEMTO LASER machining:

  • Heat affected zone avoided due to cold ablation
  • No deposits, no recast
  • Machining of a wide range of materials
  • Cutting function (ablation) available
  • Depending on application: no needs of amount process
  • MONO: Mass or lab production, one head FEMTO-Laser machine
  • TWIN: Mass production with twin stages
  • COMBI: Two operations in One: Laser & HD-milling


LASER source and galvohead specifications:

  • FEMTO source down to 200 fs
  • Various harmonics available (wave length): nIR, green, UV
  • 5 axis galvohead precession head
  • Vision system, beam attenuator, shutter, beam analyser, power recorder


Specific devices and solutions:

  • Automatic loading / unloading custom solutions
  • Camera for positioning
  • Focal length measurement
  • Dust extraction


Quality and expertise

  • Accurate flow to characterize repeatability and stability
  • Surface roughness measurement
  • Optical and fiber non-destructive measurement to control hole diameter, shape and position
  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
  • Study and trials on demand


When you buy a Posalux product, you acquire a complete customized solution based on our expertise and know-how.