EDM Micro-Machining

Posalux is a leader in industrialization of micro technologies for mass production.
Posalux micro-EDM solution for all high-end productive micro-drilling needs, based on a strong experience in powertrain automotive applications.


Micro Machining:

  • Hole diameter from 50 μm to 2 mm (0.002 to 0.08 inch)
  • Tapered hole with reverse taper up to 150 μm/mm
  • Wall thickness / hole diameter ratio up to 12 
  • All shapes (square, rectangle, ...) 
  • All conductive material
  • Without burrs and material deposit, no micro-cracks
  • Flow stability: +/- 3 %
  • Smooth roughness: Ra < 0.2 μm ; Rz < 1 μm




Based on the electro erosion principle, the integrated SARIX μ-EDM technology allows machining with high quality and efficiency, meeting the needs of mass production scenarios.


Electrode guiding system:

The integrated advanced electrode guiding system precisely feeds the smallest electrode available on the market, down to 30 μm.


Specific devices and solutions

  • Automatic loading / unloading with 8 grippers
  • Accurate clamping devices
  • Short cycle time
  • Customized software development
  • Posalux technology support on micro-EDM parameters
  • User interface options like MES, Flow measurement, Traceability etc.


Quality and expertise

  • Surface finish Ra < 0.2 μm.
  • Elimination of micro-vibrations by separation of filtration tank from machine frame.
  • Screen integrated on camera and automatic positioning program facilitate setting of the electrode and the needle of the part fixture
  • Decrease of leak check time by 50 %.
  • New interactive HMI:
       - Real time monitoring of process parameters
       - Storage and visualization of erosion time and electrode wear


When you buy a Posalux product, you acquire a complete customized solution based on our expertise and know-how.