UltraSpeed MONO

The flexible solution for PCB drilling and routing


Workpiece formatSingle Unit

1 station: 25.0’’ x 28.5’’ (635.0 mm x 723.9 mm)


Single and Combi concept

Highest flexibility in prototyping and small series production


X, Y and Z axes with linear motor drives

Higher accuracy, productivity and reliability


New Z-axis unit design

Increased stiffness, reduced mass – Increased productivity and accuracy
Easy and fast spindle change – Reduced down-time


Standard and customized clamping systems

Customer requirements – Posalux solutions


CCD camera and second measuring system

Measuring of targets and calculation of correction factors
Perfect surface detection in depth routing


Non-PCB applicationsCombi unit

Machining of non-ferrous materials like aluminum, brass and plastics
Drilling and routing of test fixtures
Also available with oil mist lubrication


Also available with automation

Individual loader (IL) with 9 or 18 levels
2 level loader (Down Time Eliminator DTE)


Choice between 2 different tool management systems

  • Tool change system for 2000 tools supplied on Euromagazines through a central loading station
  • Tool change system for 154 tools supplied on Euromagazines through a cassette system