LASER Microdrilling

    Posalux mass production solutions integrate the LASER Micro Jet technology as well as the brand new Femto LASER technology.

  • Grinding

    External Grinding

    Posalux hired the best experts of grinding to introduce on the market an efficient machine concept to meet all your OD grinding needs. And it's just the beginning...

  • PCB And Non-Ferrous Materials Drilling And Routing

    Drilling and Routing

    High-tech 2D micro machining solutions for printed circuit boards and non-ferrous materials like aluminum, brass and plastics.

  • Spark Assisted Chemical Engraving

    SACE / Glass Machining

    Spark Assisted Chemical Engraving is an efficient solution to machine glass used in photonics and micro fluidics applications.

  • Electrical Discharge Machining

    EDM Microdrilling

    Posalux mass production solutions integrate Micro EDM technology. Dedicated to powertrain automotive applications such as hole drilling in diesel direct injection nozzles.


Leader in micro technologies for mass production, Posalux is a swiss company specialized in mechanical engineering, focusing on markets needing high-tech equipments.

The headquarter is located in Biel-Bienne, one of the most important cities of Switzerland, which is famous not only as a watch metropolis, but also as one of the most important center for advanced technologies.


12 Mar 2015

Press review :  Swiss Know-how 2015 Watchmaking industry / Posalux SA,  Passion for micromechanics (Fr. language)

2 Sep 2014

New machines showroom at Posalux HQ Switzerland

13 Aug 2014

MICROmanufacturing (07/08. 2014) : Electro-chemical machining

22 May 2014

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PCB Drilling Technology
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